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Verity Early Detection

Pregnancy Test

with the Verity Early Detection Pregnancy Test,

you can actually get results

faster than you thought. 

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Would you like to manage your reproductive life stress-free and detect your pregnancy in its early stages?


Get yourself the Verity Early Detection Pregnancy Test kit today.

Our tester is designed to detect the traces of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) which tends to appear in urine during early pregnancy.


That means if by any chance you conceived during your current cycle, the test is able to reveal that you’re actually expecting. While most pregnancy tests aren’t 100% accurate, with this tool, you’re assured of getting a clear outcome within a short period of time. In about one to three minutes, you will get your pregnancy result!

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Manage Your Reproductive Life Stress-Free

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It’s normal to feel anxious when your periods don’t show up and you’re looking forward to conception. The thought that you could become a mom soon is more than exciting. But before you can start counting your blessings, you want to make sure that indeed there’s something cooking. That’s why we offer you an Early Detection pregnancy tool that can catch things at the onset.


If you’re the kind who would like to get those feelings of anxiety behind you within the first few days, we have you covered!


Why Choose This Direction

Anytime you think of performing a pregnancy test, you look forward to getting the results as soon as possible. There’s nothing as frustrating as having to try the tests several times to get legit results. In most cases, you may even decide to see a physician instead of doing the pregnancy examination yourself to quicken the process.

However, with our Early Detection Pregnancy Test, you can actually get results faster than you thought.


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