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The ideal test for you.

Our Early Detection Pregnancy Test is designed to help women get their results faster at their convenience, and it’s responsiveness and sensitivity makes it one of the best tools you could ever use!


Within one to three minutes, you will be able to know the state of things. The device is easy to use and you don’t have to make several mistakes before getting it right.

How it Works

The Early Detection Pregnancy Test is based on the presence of HCG in the urine. As such, to carry out the test, you need to pee on it or dip it in urine collected in a container. From there, you can give it up to three minutes to show results. Usually, if the result is positive, you’ll see two lines, and if negative, only one line will appear. Just like any tests, there are instances of false results, though on rare occasions. Even then, you can always see the doctor to affirm the results of the test.

Do the test

at your convenience.

Pregnancy tests are very personal and sometimes you want to be the first person to get the news before everyone else, including your physician. For this reason, our Early Detection Pregnancy Test can be conducted at the comfort of your home without involving anyone. Actually, you don’t need some special training to get started. It’s all about following a few simple steps and you’ll be good to go!

Know which medications you should stop taking, and start working on your nutrition plan for the 9-month journey.

Some medications aren’t favorable during pregnancy and they could interfere with the fetus even a few days after conception. That said, it’s essential to take the Early Detection Pregnancy Test so that you can stop taking the medication as soon as possible.

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